Standing Orders & Online Payments

  • You can set up a Standing Order from your Bank account to your account with Wicklow and District Credit Union Ltd by simply filling in a Standing Order form and returning it to our office or directly to your own bank.
  • This is particularly useful for Members who find it difficult to get to our office during opening hours or if Members wish to maintain the regularity of savings and loan payments.
  • Members who wish to set up a Standing Order on make a Direct Online Payment must be sure to use a unique identifier which enables the credit union staff to identify the payment and which account it is to be credited to. You must reference your credit union account number and name i.e. 12345MMURPHY (you have 15 characters approx.).
  • You should take note of your identifier and use the same identifier every time you setup/amend your Standing Order or complete an Online Payment.


You can obtain a Standing Order Form from our Downloads section.


You can decide how you want the money to be allocated, e.g. Loan & interest, some into shares/deposits, or split between your family’s accounts, please contact a member of the credit union staff to arrange any allocation of payments.

Standing orders are controlled by you the member so if you wish to amend or cancel your standing order you must make contact with your bank directly.

It may take the bank five to ten working days to set up/amend a standing order. Be mindful if you are setting up/amending a standing order in order to make loan repayments that the setting up time does not cause you to miss a week’s payment which could cause arrears.


Note: Your bank may apply a charge for setting up this facility. The credit union does not apply any charges.

If you wish to set up a Standing Order or make an Online Payment, our bank details are as follows:

Sort Code: 90-67-34
Account: 11013632
IBAN: IE29 BOFI 9067 3411 0136 32

N.B. Your credit union account number and name is the payment reference that should be used. Failure to do so may result in payments to your account being delayed.

Should you have any questions about setting up a Standing Order or making an Online Payment, please do not hesitate to speak to any member of staff.